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You and Your Treatment

All clients are required to attend a face to face aesthetic consultation prior to any treatment. At your aesthetic consultation you will meet with myself as I am the qualified nurse perfoming your treatment and also in attendance will be a qualified nurse prescriber.

Botulinum toxin is a prescription only medication and clients must meet face to face with a nurse prescriber, nurses are required to practice and stay within NMC guidance (The Nursing and Midwifery Council). The primary function of the NMC is to "protect the public" by setting professional standards and giving advice and guidance to registered nurses. All nurses must adhere to NMC Standards for medicines management. Clients can only be treated when a written and signed direction from a nurse presciber who has seen the client is issued.

During your face to face aesthetic consultation we are required to take a history which includes medications, allergies, and medical history. Facial areas of concern to you will be examined, treatment options will be discussed allowing you time to act on the advice discussed with you.

You will be booked in for your treatment and upon completion of the treatment, a further follow up appointment will be arranged with you two weeks later to ensure your treatment plan has had the anticipated results.

Treated areas typically demonstrate partial reduction in funtion 2 - 3 days after wrinkle reducing injections, with maximum reduction 1 - 2 weeks after treatment.

Repeat treatments are usually required every 3 -4 months over a twelve month period. Clinical trials report that some clients who have had treatments over 12 months are only requiring further treatments once or twice a year.