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Lip Beautification

Dermal filler treatments can enhance lip shape and volume in a natural way.

These procedures can benefit clients with less defined lip shape and diminished lip volume from aging, as well as younger clients seeking lip beautification.

Consultation is required to determine lip features that the client would like enhanced.

A given lip shape can only be enhanced with dermal filler treatment, it can not be altered into another lip shape.

Defining the lip shape and the line around the lips with lip border treatments involves dermal filler placement in the vermillion border.

Enhancing the lip body involves placement of dermal filler in the mucosa of the lip.

Lip beautification often combines enhancement of both the lip border and lip body.

Side Effects:

Erythema - redness of mucus membrane, these usually resolve in 3 to 5 days.

Lip beautification typically lasts 6 -9 months after treatment, subsequent treatment with dermal filler is recommended when the volume of dermal filler product is visibly diminished.

Upper lips should never be made larger than the lower lip as it presents an abnormal and aesthetically unpleasant result. The lower lip is naturally larger than the upper.