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  • Wrinkle Reducing Injections & Dermal Filler Aftercare

    Aftercare is important when it comes to wrinkle reducing injections and dermal fillers, it is something many people overlook.
    An aftercare leaflet covering both botox and dermal fillers is issued to each client upon completion of treatment.

  • Wrinkle Reducing Injections

    Do not rub your face or have any kind of face massage for at least 24 hours after your treatment, this could potentially move the Botulinum toxin around into an unwanted area.

    Avoid lying down for four hours immediately after treatment.

    Avoid drinking alcohol for at least the first 12 hours as it can contribute to bruising and swelling.

    Avoid strenuous exercise or activities that might cause the Botulinum toxin to be displaced.

  • Dermal Filler Aftercare

    Do not consume excess alcohol for 24 hours.

    Do not do any aerobic exercise for 24 hours.

    If you get any bruising do apply ice and Arnica cream.

    Mineral make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure.

    If you bruise easily, you may want to take Arnica tablets, 4 tablets per day for 4 days before the procedure.

    If you are prone to cold sores around the mouth and this is the area which you want to be treated, ask your GP to prescribe Zovirax tablets for you to be taken just before and for a few days after the procedure.

    Try to avoid sunbeds and saunas for 3 to 4 days after the procedure.